Destitute of speeches, objects, images, spaces, only silence remains. Yet, despite their silence, they come to express themselves. In fact, all these things that surround us communicate, speak, touch us with a more sensitive language. They use their singular attributes : forms, colors, volumes, to slip in us futile emotions.

Design is the art of making all these elements speak, giving them life, bringing them out of their morose inertia by giving them a voice, a soul, a tone that will find an echo within the vast unconscious cathedral of our emotions. In the construction of this singular thing that builds the expressivity of the subject, it is important to never forget what is below, the solid and rational body which defines the reason of being of any things that passes through the drawings, the design: its usual aspect.

Indeed, design is an applied art, which is why every object, image, or space it draws is created in a specific context and purpose. Every element it invents or modifies has a mission, a functionality to which he must respond. Beyond giving life, design has the mission to make it simpler, more enjoyable and understandable. And in a world that is becoming more and more complex, its role and its place and all the more important.

This is why it is essential that the design never forgets this functional body which was beside the expressive appearance that it builds. Because it has a direct influence on our way of life. It must combine constantly with ingeniosity these two notions in a skilful mixture of art and science, emotion and rationality, that turn them into an ever more coherent and pleasant dance which profoundly transforms our existence and our lives in a positive way.

Jean-Loïc Antunes